Friday, November 27, 2009


Total Body
  • Squat 1x5 (210), 2x3 (225, 230), 3x1 (245, 250, 255)
  • Weighted Pull-ups 1x5 (bw+25), 2x3 (bw+35), 3x1 (bw+40)
  • Weighted Dips 1x5 (bw+35), 2x3 (bw+45), 3x1 (bw+55, 60, 60)
BW = 182lbs

On the 250lb squat, I did not go down deep enough the 1st attempt. I got a spotter and did it again properly. He spotted me on the 255lb as well. Got them both rather easily.

Failed on the last weighted dip - dropped dowm, but could not press back up

Primal Diet: Tight!!!

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