Sunday, June 21, 2009


2 days ago I had done my 4th day in a row of killing it on the Concept II Rower. The next day (6/19) I was then demonstrating what ALL-OUT meant to one of my clients. I felt it immediately in my lower back. It was not too bad, but it got my attention.

Today, I had to do Max Effort Lower Body
  • Lower Body Movement: Squats - 5x5 Pause Squats @ 60% 1RM (155lbs)
  • Total Body Movement: The Snatch
Earlier in the day, I was demonstrating a bodyweight squat and I had a back spasm. Later on during the warm-up, while doing bodyweight prisoner squats, it happened again. Being the stubborn asshole that I am, I proceeded with the workout. I did not feel it with the weight on my back oddly enough, so I also did the 5x5 Total Body Movement. Instead of Deadlifts, which I feel more on my back than any other Total Body Movement, I went with The Snatch. It still felt fine, albeit a little stiff. I then went to stretch, and I had spasms again. I spent over an hour foam rolling and stretching, but nothing worked. I went home, laid down and about an hour later I was feeling even worse. I then popped 800 mg of Ibuprofen, boke out the heating pad, laid down, and slept for a few hours. Felt a little better.

This morning (6/21) it was a little stiff, but it feels infinitely better. I think I'll be fine, but I need to lay off the rowing until further notice.

I don't have sqaust again until next Saturday, so we'll see what happens between now and then. Also, when I do the Max Effort Upper Body, I will likely skip the Total Body Movement and just do ancillary work that will not compromise my back in any way.

The moral of the story is simple, don't overdo it on the rower, especially if you are currently doing a demanding routine like the MEBB. That and don't be stubborn - you don't train to get injured, so know your limitations and know when to fold up and walk away.

On a positive note, my pec and bicep are doing great!

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