Wednesday, June 17, 2009


MetCon Day
  • Box Jumps 10 x 10 on a 36" box with 30 sec rest
  • Jump Squats 3 x 15 with 20 seconds rest
  • Run Stance Squat (with direction switch) 4 x 14 with 20 seconds rest
  • 20 second all-out Rowing on the Concept II Rower - 4 rounds with 40 seconds rest
The upcoming week is lighter weight (60% 1RM) done explosively. The pec feels fantastic. I "may" be able to do Upper Body (PULL) tomorrow. We'll see.

Yet another Primal diet day. I did have a small amount of Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream in the evening, but I stayed well below 150 grams of Carbs - just over 100 actually

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear the pec is recovering.

    Like the MetCon line up. I think I'll do that one today.