Thursday, June 18, 2009


Max Effort Upper Body (PULL)
  • Upper Body Movement: Weighted Pull-ups 5x5, done explosively
  • Total Body Movement: Snatch 5x5
  • Ancillary Work: Low Row and Upper Back Machines
My right Pectoral muscle was fine - no issues with that. My lower back is quite stiff from all the rowing and demonstrating, and now my right bicep/forearm (inside elbow) is very sore from doing the pull-ups. I should have waited another day to do the routine above - they were still sore from the routine 2 days ago. Of course it flared up on the 5th and final set of pull-ups. I will continue to work on the Trigger Points to accelerate the healing process - it worked wonders for the pec and shoulder

Diet was on point most of the day, but I got into some chocolate in the evening. I wish my wife would stop buying so much fucking junk and stop leaving it out where I can see it - ugh

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