Monday, April 18, 2011


Today's Workout: Upper Body
  • Weighted Pull-ups - 1x5 (+50 lb) 
  • Weighted Pull-ups - 4x5 (+55 lb) 
  • Weighted Pull-ups - 2x8 (+25 lb)
  • Bench Press - 3x5
  • Incline Bench Press - 3x5 
  • Dips 3x10 (BW) --- need to do Weighted Dips next time
  • Hammer Strength Iso High Row - 3x10 (75/side)
  • Hammer Strength Iso Row - 1x8 --- it aggravated my left arm
  • Seated Row 2x10 --- this also aggravated my left arm. 
  • Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 2x10 (45/side)
I need to find a solution to the Seated Row exercise.  I may have to do it one arm at a time to get the right angle.  If not, I will have to double up on the Iso High Rows.

Back to being Perfect with Primal eating!

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