Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today's Workout: One On One "Fountain of Youth YOGA"

Suz and I got back from our trip from Harrisburg, Hershey, and Downingtown PA later than expected, so we decided to do Yoga together. GREAT workout!

I was supposed to do Upper Body (PULL) today, and Upper Body (PUSH) tomorrow, but instead, I will do a complete upper body routine. I'm not sure what just yet...I'll figure that out in the morning.

Although it seemed like we may have overindulged in good food and drink all weekend,  it was not nearly as bad as I thought; only 133 grams of Carbs on Sat (120 net), and only 90 grams today (82 net). Sure alcohol was present, but I only had 3 drinks Sat and only one today. That will be it for me until next Saturday. I plan on eating extra clean this week!

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