Friday, May 22, 2009


Started out with a 4 hour fast. then had a Fage Total Greek Yogurt (the only one I eat - whole milk, unsweetened).

At break, I had mixed nuts and strawberries.

After my shift I did some MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning). I'll call today's insanity MetCon 7. It was 7 rounds of 500 meter sprints on the Concept II Rower - each one to be done in under 2 minutes. There was a 1 minute break between rounds. I have to be honest, that sucked beyond words. Now bear in mind, I can barely walk today as it is, and the rowing just killed. I actually quit after 5 rounds, but I went back over after 2 minutes, sucked it up and finished the last 2 rounds.

That routine was not from Crossfit or any "well-known Trainer", it was right out of the Concept II Manual.

Had a Big Ass Salad w Chicken as my "recovery meal"

For late lunch I had piece of Chicken Parm (almond meal instead of bread crumbs) and a small salad. For dinner I decided to try out some wings from local bar, and they were deelish! And I did not have a beer either, just water.

Another 98% Primal Day in the books - success!!!

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