Thursday, May 21, 2009


Started off the day with a 3 hour fast, then for breakfast I had Primal Pancakes with toasted pecans & maple flavoring served with fresh strawberries.

As expected, my legs are absolutely destroyed from yesterday's workout. Taking 12 days off is like starting over from day one.
A 1 week break is actually a great idea every now and then - in between phases of training, or at least every 60-90 days. I see so many people in the gym (and online) that never take breaks, and they wonder why they never see any progress. The break allows your muscles to grow, and your joints to get stronger. If you have not taken a break lately, do it soon; your body will thank you!

Today's Upper Body routine was the Push Press 5x5's as the main course. I also complimented the routine with 4 rounds of the following circuit:
  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups (2 speed/2 position, military, spiderman, and amazing spiderman)
  • Supine (hanging) Row
  • Push-ups (2 speed/2 position, military, spiderman, and amazing spiderman)
  • 30 sec rest
After 2 hours soaking up the sun (wow - 2 days in a row!!!), I also got in a 3 mile walk

Other Primal Foods throughout the day:
Fage Total Greek Yogurt, nuts (pecans, cashews, hazelnut) & strawberries,
Big Ass Salad with Chicken, Chicken Parm (with almond meal instead of bread crumbs)

Side note: I cannot remember the last time legs were this sore - probably some time back in early 2008 - I LOVE it!!! - hahaha


  1. So what's an Amazing Spiderman push up?

  2. Jim, the "Amazing Spiderman Push-up" is like the regular version except the leg/foot that comes forward stays completely off the ground.

    P.S. - My official nickanme at the gym happens to be "The Amazing Spiderman" - haha

    I'd prefer SPAWN, but you don't get to pick your own nickname

  3. Thanks Rick. I guess I've been doing the Amazing version all this time without realizing the difference. Except when I'm fatigued and get sloppy.

    Spiderman's not a bad nickname. Beats Wimpy.