Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today was a fantastic Total Body Workout, and I got to try out a new exercise I was shown by a fellow trainer.

I warmed up on the Concept II Rower, and then I did the Snatch (from the hang position) - 7 sets of 5. I started with the bar and ended up with 100lbs.

I then did Overhead Squats - 4 sets of 6 with 85lbs

I then moved on to the new exercise. It is not really named, so I would have called it the Tom Z's Dumbbell Squat Complex. Looking at my notes now, I realize I did it incorrectly, but my version was every bit as cool and demanding, if not more so - I'll still give him credit for it. This is how I performed it:
  1. Start with 2 Dumbbells and clean them (I used 25lb DB's for this)
  2. Lower down into the deep squat position, but keep the DB in the right hand at the same height as you lower down. resulting in a reverse one-handed deep overhead squat.
  3. Stand back up while keeping the DB in the right hand at the same height
  4. Repeat the previous 2 steps with the left hand
  5. Lower down into into the squat and keep both DB's at the same height, resulting in reverse overhead squat
  6. Stand back up keeping the DB's at the same height
  7. Lower down into the deep squat positions
  8. Do the Sots Press x 5 reps: Presses from the bottom of the deep squat position
  9. Stand up
  10. Repeat steps 7, 8 & 9
I did 5 sets of this sequence. It was very difficult, but I loved it!

[EDIT] This routine was reamed "Dominion of Men" by Tom - I like it

Overhead Squats are regarded as the best core strength exercise known to man. They are also essential if you plan plan on doing the Snatch. Using DB's adds another level of complexity, and using them in the manner described above adds yet another level of complexity. Having said that, I would not recommend this routine to anyone that cannot a) do a proper deep squat, or b) cannot do a proper overhead squat. Even those that can do both, I would suggest lighter weight to start out.

Ok, off my soapbox...I then did 4 sets of Metabolic Pairings with pullups x 6 and manmakers x 5 with 30lb DB's

I finished up with 3 supersets of Bicep Curls and Tricep Pushdowns - 8 reps with 90lbs and 140lbs respectively.

Diet is dead on Primal so far today, and there is no way I am going to deviate from it after putting that much hard work!

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