Wednesday, May 20, 2009


There was not all that much to report the last week during my break, so I did not post. Boy did I need that break - I feel fantastic!

Well, my rest period ended today!

I jumped right back in with Squats - 5x5's. In addition to rowing and a warmup set, I also ended with an extra set of Pause Squats with a lighter weight. Throughout the day I did a bunch of squatting and deadlifts with clients, so that was what made today the day. I also got a nice long walk in and took advantage of this awesome weather.

I will likely have trouble walking tomorrow...

Oh, and what a surprise, my diet was 100% Primal today, and I plan on being very strict with it like I was the 1st 2 months on the Primal Blueprint, where my results were off the hook!

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