Friday, April 10, 2009


Total Body - Anaerobic
Tabata Intervals on the Concept II Rower - 8 Rounds

6 Rounds of:
Pull-ups x 10
Manmakers x 5

4 Rounds of:
Clean & Press x 5
Burpess x 10

No rest between exercises, 75 seconds rest between rounds

Snatch x 6, 5 sets

3 Supersets of:
Tricep Pushdowns

10 minutes of various ab exercises

At work, I have access to 2 fantastic trainers that are well versed in the Oly lifts, and I got a lot of help today on my form. I was able to add 25lbs to the "Snatch" just by nailing the technique. Life is great!

For dinner I enjoyed an entire ribeye steak, seasoned and cooked to perfection! Served with green beans - YUM!!! For lunch I had a Big Ass Chicken Salad with Jamaican seasoning in the dressing - the chicken was also cooked in my homemade Jamaican Rub - DEELISH!

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