Friday, December 4, 2009


Total Body

Today was a beatdown from HELL, something I had not done in a loooooong time!

Total Body Warm-up

Metabolic Pairings (2 rounds of each):
  • Squats x5 (185)
  • Manmakers x5 (20 DB's)
  • Power Cleans from the deck x5 (95)
  • 20" Box Jumps x15
The Bear 2x5 (75)

DB Bear Complexes 5 rounds (25 DB's)

The weights used for each exercise is lower than usual so that form will not break down and due to the short rest intervals and lack thereof in places

Specific details on these routines can be found Here

Primal Diet: Great all day, but I know I'll be indulging in a few QCB's later this evening

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