Friday, March 13, 2009


Day 62: Upper Body - Strength

I tested Bench Press out today - no go
I also tested out Pull-ups and Dips - no go

So, I did the following:
T-Bar Rows - 160lbs x 5, 5 sets
Freemotion LAT - 180lbs x 5, 5 sets
Hang Power Cleans (no squats) 125lbs x 5, 2 sets
Hang Power Cleans w/ Push Press 125lbs x 5, 4 sets (I realized they did not aggravate the shoulder)
Shrugs - 185lbs x 8, 5 sets
Tricep Pushdowns - 150lbs x 5, 3 sets (they were feeling neglected, so I was being nice to them)

All in all, a solid strength workout. I should be pretty sore tomorrow...I know my legs are today!!!

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