Thursday, March 31, 2011

Primal Blueprint Fitness

Primal Blueprint Fitness is built around a very simple formula that draws from recent work done in modern exercise physiology labs—as well as from what we know of evolutionary biology—to arrive at the perfect exercise prescription for maximizing fitness with the least amount of time and suffering. PBF workouts are based on real-world natural movements that result in functional fitness. PBF combines simple full-body workouts, using as many muscles in combination as possible, with occasional short anaerobic bursts, and then regular longer, easier aerobic efforts to effectively work every muscle, energy and performance system in the body. The science supporting this strategy is irrefutable. After all, it’s what our ancestors did for two million years, adapting to selection pressures in their environment to survive and become lean, healthy, fit, and strong.

The actual prescription is simple: conduct an average of one sprint workout a week, two brief, but intense, strength sessions a week, accompanied by plenty of low level aerobic activity (your choice), play and rest. It’s that simple. While a week represents an arbitrary block of time on the continuum of pursuing lifelong fitness, and I like to allow for plenty of fluctuation in my weekly, monthly or annual exercise patterns, it’s helpful to get a picture of a suggested PBF-style routine that might fit with your busy life and allow for proper recovery between challenging efforts.

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