Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today's Workout: Squats: 5x5
  • Warm up: BWx15 , 45x10 , 95x10
  • 135, 185, 185, 185, 185
  • 135x10
I discovered that Retro Fitness in Bordentown has 2 of the greatest pieces of equipment ever created; The Concept II Rower!!! - WOOHOO!!! So i cooled down on it by doing 1000 meters. I cant wait to go there and use it IN my workout! Happy Happy Joy Joy

Diet was Perfectly Primal ALL day...until my girlfriend insisted that I bring some QCB over, so I had 1 beer. Not really a big deal (Even with the beer, I had only 79.5 grams of carbs all day!), but am really trying to do this to perfection this time, and every small deviation matters to me at this point.

However, the fact that I now have access to a Concept II Rower means that I will be SPRINTING on it once per week instead of the scheduled Rest Day (Friday's), so I think I can get away with it...this time

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