Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bodyweight Conditioning Routine

20 seconds on, 20 seconds rest until you've completed the circuit. Repeat Three Times.

First round will seem easy. Third round will seem hard. This can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it!!!

  1.   Push ups
  2.   Mountain climbers
  3.   Burpees
  4.   Running in place - with high knees. No dogging it.
  5.   Bodyweight squats - Optional: hold a medicine ball or 20 lb DB.
  6.   Chin ups or Pull-ups
  7.   Dips or Bench dips
  8.   Inverted rows
  9.   Plyo Lunges (Mary Catherine’s). - Optional: hold a medicine ball or 20 lb DB.
  10.   Single leg hip extension (lying on your back, one foot on the ground with knee bent, lift other leg at a 45 degree angle, lift glutes off the ground, then lower back down to ground. Keep lifting and lowering for the 20 seconds, then switch legs and do another 20 seconds
  11.   Reverse (step back) lunge
  12.   Plank position with alternating single leg raise (raise one leg up behind you at 45 degree angle, or as high as you can go, replace, raise other leg, keep alternating legs for 20 seconds). Alternate legs quickly.
  13.   Side plank position with single leg raise. Hold for 20 seconds - switch sides/legs

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