Tuesday, February 10, 2009

02/4/09 - 02/10/09

02/04/09, Total Body - Anaerobic HIIT

I went with "Dumbbell Bear Complexes" - it was every bit as bad as I remembered it. Actually I had to take 1 extra minute break, because I almost passed out. I survived!!!

I had several people come up to me and ask me just WTF was that??? – hahahaha


02/06/09, Day 31) Advanced Corrective Routine


02/07/09, Legs - Power

Did some moderately heavy squats & deadlifts to kick start the neuroendocrine system, and then did some lunges, box jumps, KB swings and a bunch of additional plyometrics. Great workout!


02/08/09, Upper Body - Power

Done Explosively:
Pull-ups and dips - 5 supersets
Hang Power Cleans & Presses with heavy weight - 5 sets
Alternating Pike / Divebomber push-ups - 2 sets

O Crunch Push-ups - 2 sets
Iso Inverted/Hanging Rows - 4 sets (supersets with the other 2 exercises)
Combat Push-ups - 2 sets

Plyo Push-ups (total body launch) - 2 sets

Clearly the Olympic Lifts were the key, but the entire workout was great!


02/09/09, REST, well not really - It was supposed to be Yoga, but I did a bunch of things while training clients


02/10/09, Day 35) Total Body - Anaerobic HIIT

It was going to be all Tabata Intervals with Barbell exercises, but I selected weights that were too heavy (45% of my Lean Body Mass), so it ended up being a 20/20 interval

*Concept 2 Rower: Tabata Intervals for 4 rounds (2 minutes) - Hit a wattage # of 496!!!
*Cleans: 4 rounds (2 min 40 sec)
*Press (A single Clean to lift the weight 1st): 4 rounds (2 min 40 sec)
*Snatch: 4 rounds (2 min 40 sec)
*Thrusters: 4 rounds (2 min 40 sec)

Took approx 30-60 seconds extra in between the different exercises

This is not a "timed" routine, but I did it in 15 min 30 sec

Two words for this routine: WOW!!!

THEN, I ended up doing about 30 minutes of boxing with a client later on in the day, and right after that I did about 75% of Kenpo Cardio X with 2 other clients. Needless to say, I'm sore as Hell today, and I need a REST day in a big way!

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