Monday, February 16, 2009


Ok, let me tell you about Metabolic Pairing, today’s Total Body – Anaerobic beatdown from Hell !!! First off, I did this routine at 7am and only had coffee and a small snack 2 hours prior. I usually like to workout at 10 or 11am when I am at full strength.

Anyway, I did 2 rounds of each of the following combos/pairings:

Combo 1C: Power Clean from Hang/Push Press, and Burpees (Level III)
This is the most advanced version of the combo, and arguably the most effective in terms of body transformations.

A1) Hang Power Clean and Push Press – 5-6 reps @ 135lbs
No rest
A2) Burpees - 15 -17 reps
Rest 75 seconds

Did 6 reps and 17 reps respectively in the first round. 5 and 15 in round 2.

This set the stage for the entire workout – I was already smoked! 75 seconds later I went full steam ahead anyway

My Own Combo: Pull-ups and Jump Squats (Level III)
Pull-ups - 9 reps
No rest
A2) Jump Squats - 20 reps
Rest 75 seconds

Another of my own: Barbell Thrusters, and One-arm KB Swings (Level III)
A1) Barbell Thrusters - 6 reps @ 115lbs
No rest
A2) One-arm KB Swings – 30 reps (15/arm) with a 25lb KB (note: you do not need or even want a heavy KB for this portion - the 2nd part is supposed to be for conditioning)
Rest 75 seconds

Yet another of my own: Deep Barbell Back Squats, and Plyo Push-ups (Level III)
A1) Deep Squats - 6 reps @ 185lbs
No rest
A2) Plyo Push-ups (full launch) – 15 reps
Rest 75 seconds


For Scalability purposes, I feel that lifts should be done at the following % of Lean Body Mass at a minimum:
Cleans: 75%
Thrusters: 60%
Squats: 100%

My ratios were:
Cleans: 90%
Thrusters: 77%
Squats: 125%

I should have added more to the Thrusters: 80-85%, and Squats should have been at 150% - next time I will

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